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IT services, Technology & Telecoms

In your tough market, unity*dc is the agency that gives you an advantage that's almost unfair.

Clearly differentiating you from the competition

We know how busy your market is - lots of competing providers or resellers - who on the face of it all do exactly what you do. You're better on service or expertise, but can you catch their attention for long enough to explain why?

We have proven techniques for differentiating you in a way that's powerful and authentic to the spirit of your business. We use that to create compelling communications that create opportunities to sell your benefits.

How we've done it
Dot Net Solutions asked us to help them - we took them from a place in the pack and propelled them into pole position. See how >

Nurturing leads into loyal customers

"I'm interested in you, but I don't need you right now." How often do your sales team hear this from interesting new prospects? Months later when they do need you, chances are they have forgotten about you.

We build and run lead-nurturing programmes that keep you prominent in their mind, build their trust and pre-qualify them as the right prospective clients. Our lead-nurturing programmes include any of these elements:

  • Regular or tactical email or printed newsletters
  • Special website content, offers and promotions
  • Special events or presentations, live and web-based.
  • Seamless integration with your sales team activity.

Digital & printed communications that really earn their keep

We fuse brilliant creativity with geeky analysis to create marketing communications in web, email and print media that deliver a measurable return on your investment. If you need to shake up your marketing and do more with less, we're the agency for you.

Typical projects

  • Website design & development
  • Microsites and campaign landing pages
  • Corporate and product brochures
  • Direct email and direct (postal) mail
  • Exhibition, display materials and vehicle branding

Case study

MLL Telecom website

MLL Telecom website

MLL Telecom's CMO wanted the company website to work harder. He wanted it to speak directly to company's different audience segments. He wanted the website to explain why a professional buyer should choose MLL, in plain English. Finally, he wanted it to do justice to their industry strength and expertise.

unity*dc designed a new website that helps visitors self-select their sector and provides messaging directly for them, without even leaving the home page. The new website shows off MLL Telecom's in-house expertise, through white papers, a professional blog and several sector-specfic resource centres. And by building tight integration with the marketing database, any interest on the website can be immediately captured into qualified leads.

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What clients say about unity*dc

"Looking for a reliable web and design agency in today's market is no easy task for a company that wants to review its image and provide its prospective customer base with an informative and well balanced view of what it does. Before appointing unity*dc, we looked at several other agencies and found that unity*dc quickly and thoroughly understood our needs, and more importantly provided us with an effective and flexible solution to all our requirements within the agreed costs and timescales."

Tony Dilks,
Balance Partnership