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Marketing for quality hospitality businesses

In tough trading times, talk to the marketing agency that can protect your profitability.

Look great on smartphones

You've already invested in a website to ensure that potential customers can get the right taste of your restaurant before they choose to book. But increasingly, people aren't sitting at a computer when they visit your website - they're using a smartphone whilst they're on the train, in their lunch break or on the sofa.

How good does your website look on an smartphone? Chances are that it looks pretty tiny - forcing potential customers to squint, pinch, scroll and generally have an unsatisfactory first experience with your restaurant.

We can create a smartphone-specific website that looks great, is easy to read and enables customers to call/book, get directions, see menus or read an introduction to your restaurant, all with a single press of a finger. It's more affordable than you might think and you don't need to change your normal "desktop" website.

Call us now on 01628 200200 to get started.

Customer acquisition campaigns - bringing you new customers

We can find households with the right income and businesses of the right size in your catchment area.

We send them personalised invitation to try you with an offer. You collect the offer vouchers and we analyse the results. By careful analysis of the results, we fine-tune the campaign to achieve the maximum number of new customers for the minimum investment.

Hospitality loyalty programmes

You don't need to be a big chain to get the best from our loyalty programmes. We can develop programmes that are inexpensive and practical to operate for even a single small site. They not only improve loyalty but can provide you with vital intelligence on your most important customers.

We make it simple and easy to enrol customers into the programme and you don't need any special terminals or IT. We take care of all the data side and use it to drive communications that keep your customers coming back.

We can create offer mailings to entice back lapsed customers, invite customers to celebrate their anniversary or birthday, run questionnaires to measure customer satisfaction and help you test new menu options.

We extend the excellent service you provide in-house so your most valuable customers feel well looked after even when they're at home.