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Differentiate: Putting clear water between you and the competition

You're operating in a highly competitive market. Do your marketing communications do you justice? Existing customers know why they should choose you over your competitors but, when it comes to new prospects, it takes a lot longer to explain the benefits of buying from you. And of course, when you're trying to stand out, you don't have long to make your case. Things need to be spot-on from the very first contact with your brand.

A website clearly differentiated by unity*dc

Brand differentiation pays

But isn't branding just for big consumer names? We don't think so. Everyone makes snap judgements in the brief moment we encounter a new product or service. A lot hangs on that first glance, and strong, well-positioned branding can grab your prospect's attention for long enough to buy you those crucial extra moments. Extra moments which you can then use to make your logical case, explaining what sets you apart and why you should be chosen over your competitor. Good branding makes financial sense, too: it saves you marketing spend elsewhere, makes your sales team more effective and can even increase the financial value of your business.

Practical brand differentiation

At unity*dc, we have a practical approach to branding. We won't make you sit on beanbags and brainstorm over mugs of herbal tea. What we will promise to do is carry out detailed research to uncover the perception of your business. We'll dig deep to find out what your customers, suppliers and other stakeholders really feel about you, why they value you and what they feel makes you different.

Brand Essentials

We'll run a practical workshop, during which we'll share our findings and compare our feedback against your corporate positioning. From there, we distill that information into the very essence of what makes your brand different: a clear statement of value that operates like your marketing DNA. On a practical level, we'll translate all of this into a brand toolkit which your entire company can benchmark future communications against. It will cover everything from tone of voice for written communications to visual and photographic style. It will all be in plain English, so any member of staff can use it to improve bids, presentations and reports. Having a brand toolkit will give you the confidence that every piece of marketing communications conveys exactly what you're about, consistently, clearly and in a single glance.

Key services and deliverables:

  • Perception research
  • Competitor and marketplace communications audits
  • Brand essentials workshop
  • Practical brand toolkits
  • Identity design and guidelines
  • Bespoke brand photography
  • Imagery library management
  • Positioning consultancy and board-level workshops

Case study

Dot Net Solutions

Dot Net Solutions custom-builds business and web applications using Microsoft technologies and Agile frameworks.

Dot Net Solutions

unity*dc distilled Dot Net's proposition and clear points of difference and developed a new website and visual language that put clear water between Dot Net and the competition. The strapline "Software that gets you noticed" appeals directly to individuals in enterprise organisations that commission application builds, and bright, emotive visuals clearly demonstrate the Dot Net difference.

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Focused, powerful marketing

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