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5 Reasons to upgrade your newsletter from PDF or Outlook to HTML email

from the unity*dc B2B marketing blog

Do you send a newsletter to prospects or customers? It's a great way to look after contacts that you don't speak to often. If you're sending out your newsletter as a PDF file attached to an email or from the office email system, then you could really be missing a trick.

  1. Is it working? - If the purpose of all email newsletters is to keep you front of mind with people and to trigger some thoughts in their mind that might get them to call you, how well is yours working? If you send a PDF or text newsletter from your office email system, you have no idea who is reading what. A good HTML email service will include tracking that tells you who (by name) opened your newsletter and what articles they read.
  2. Email on the move - These days more and more people read their email on their Blackberry or iPhone. PDF newsletters are often over 500K in size - these take time to download and mobile devices often simply block them. You won't endear yourselves to people if you slow their device down with your big PDF newsletter.
  3. SPAM filters - You're probably already including some kind of offer in your newsletter to help entice people to take action. That's great, but it's easy for the wording of your offer to trip SPAM filters on email gateways. If you use an HTML email service like ours, you can test your email's wording in all the major SPAM filters and make changes before it's too late.
  4. Cost - You may think that sending an HTML email costs more than a PDF or text email. Yes it does cost a little more - usually around a penny per recipient. For that one penny you get a lot better conversion rates, tracking and so much more. How much is the time you spent writing the newsletter worth? If you're using an agency to design the PDF for you, then a HTML email may even cost you less.
  5. Read me! - A newsletter that looks like any other email, even if it has a PDF attachment, doesn't really inspire you to read it, does it? A well-designed HTML email jumps out at you and can have buttons or links to make people take action right away. Because of this, HTML email typically has a much higher conversion rate than plain text.

unity*dc helps ambitious businesses develop and run HTML email newsletters and campaigns. Our Email Express service includes everything you need to send your first campaign: design of an attractive template, cleansing and loading of your contacts data and help with your first campaign. You could be up-and-running in as little as 14 days. From there you can choose from our self-service option from just £20 per campaign + 1p per recipient right up to our fully-managed service where we take care of all the editorial and design for you.